Pre and Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Timing is key to Physiotherapy, whether its carried out before or after any Orthopaedic surgery.  Ask any member of our clinical team, they will all tell you that the stronger and fitter a patient is going in for any surgery, the better the end results.  A similar scenario exists after surgery: We often talk about a ‘golden few weeks’ after Orthopaedic surgery.  Within that period, you have an opportunity to really make the most of your Orthopaedic surgery.  That’s not to say that we can only help if you’re a couple of weeks’ post-surgery, it simply makes things a little harder.


Pre-operative Physiotherapy


For anyone planning Orthopaedic surgery, a few sessions of Physiotherapy will ensure you’re on the right track even before you have the procedure.


Procedures which may require pre-operative physiotherapy include:


  • Total Knee Arthroplasty (Replacement)
  • Total Hip Arthroplasty (Replacement)
  • Spinal Surgery
  • Knee and Ankle ligament reconstruction including Anterior Cruciate reconstruction

The physiotherapist will carry out a thorough assessment and start with appropriate pre-habilitation exercises.  They may be also able to help with some pain that you may be having before your surgery.  Techniques including massage, acupuncture and manual therapy may just help manage symptoms before your procedure.  You will have time with our Physiotherapist to discuss the proposed procedure and identify a thorough plan for after your surgery.


That way you will be going into surgery in the very best shape possible.


Post-operative Physiotherapy


Post-operative Physiotherapy can be booked at any of our clinics or we can come out to your own home for an assessment and treatment.  Our Physiotherapists have travelled throughout Newcastle, Northumberland and Durham offering post-operative rehabilitation.


Timing is key to post-operative rehabilitation.  Many people contact us a few weeks before their surgery and book appointments in advance for when they come out of hospital.  That way they know they will be seen at a time which is potentially the most difficult.


If required, we will liaise with your consultant or district nurse and ensure your care is coordinated.


Potential procedures which may require Post-operative rehabilitation include:


  • Knee surgery including joint replacement, fracture, ligament reconstruction, arthroscopy (key hole surgery).
  • Hip surgery including joint replacement, fracture, labral repair or injection
  • Spinal surgery including discectomy, joint fusion, fracture management and injection
  • Shoulder surgery including labral repair, rotator cuff reconstruction, fracture management and joint reconstructions.
  • Foot and Ankle surgery including ligament reconstruction, tendon reconstruction, joint replacement and fracture management.



If you are thinking about having or are planning any Orthopaedic procedure,

please call 0333 2200 238 and speak to one of our team about pre or post-operative rehabilitation.