We’re happy to be a little different at Physiotherapy Matters.  We believe that the combination of “hands on” treatment and a strong commitment to specific rehabilitation regimes can often provide the best results.  That’s why we receive such great feedback from our patients.


The Physiotherapist will take a thorough history of your problem and will produce a detailed timeline of the onset of your problem.  From that they will take you through a series of physical tests.  At every stage the physiotherapist is building up a mental jigsaw puzzle about your problem.  Once complete, they will take you through their diagnosis and clearly describe a potential treatment plan.

Just as you’re an individual with your own history and experiences, so is your injury.  Not one injury is the same and as a result we must tailor our treatment approaches to you and your injury.

We treat all musculoskeletal conditions including:


Treatment can include:


We’re a firm believer in the importance of communication between therapist and patient.  You are at the heart of the successful management of your injury and consequently it is vital that you understand everything related to your problem.  We will provide you with a good visual picture about the anatomy of your injury and provide you with the different treatment options available.


If required our physiotherapists can support you with direct referrals for x-ray and MRI, that way you can ensure you get all the answers you deserve.

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Unsure about what treatment you need?

We offer a complimentary telephone triage assessment where you can speak directly to one of our experts.

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